• Software Development
    Efficient Business Automation Software
    Detailed Statistical Financial Analysis with Periodic Reporting
    Customer and Supplier Relationship Management
    Comprehensive Tranasaction Management and Tracking
    Easy to Use and Simplified Setup and Activation
    24/7 Live Suppor
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    Sales Pro 2.0
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  • Advanced Web Hosting
    Great Option in web security and Maximum Uptime
    Unlimited Bandwidth with Massive Storage
    Unlimited Databases and Email Addresses
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    Apps Including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
    Cloud Computing & one-click Setup
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    Creative Apps & Social Media Integration
    E-commerce with Reliable Online Payment Integration
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  • Live Video Streaming
    Connecting Global Audience to your Loudable Events
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    Unlimited Viewers from any Part of the World
    Set Up you Internet TV & Radio Station with minutes
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  • Great Software Solutions

    Our new software products will convert your daily business challenges into wonderful exitements to make you concentrate on building profit
  • Great Website Develpment

    Automating your business with active online presence for global accessibility isthe trend of the 21st century business. Your business deserves it
  • Quality Live Video Streaming

    When you think of the possibility of connecting viewers from all over the world to your events then remember that Trenet can do it for you and give your unlimited viewers real-time excitement
  • Web Hosting Solutions

    Would you like to host your website and vital information in a place where web security matters most and maximum uptime is guaranteed? Trenet can help with a great offer!

Our Latest Software Product



Trenet sales pro is an intelligent business management system that is capable of tracking, analyzing and synchronizing all business operations with detailed financial reports and comprehensive statistical dashboard showing current status and trend of every part of the business. Sales Pro is a centralized place where you can track every detail about your business. Running your business with Trenet sales pro helps you apply best practices of 21st century businesses and get you focused on converting prospects to loyal customers.


  1. Gives you a clear picture of the worth of your business at any point in time
  2. Helps you to build and maintain cordial relationship with new and old customers.
  3. The financial and stock reports keep you aware the sales trends in your business.
  4. Helps you track current and past transaction with every detail explicitly defined.
  5. Helps you monitor stock/sales trend to provide valid information needed for sales projection

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What’s Included in Trenet Sales Pro 2.0
Our new software has been packed with great functionalities that makes runing your business more like fun than just mere work.
Check out the exciting features and see how Trenet Sales Pro 2.0 will take your business to the next level

  • Customer Mgt
    The software keeps record of all customers and their transaction details with specific date and time
  • Transaction Mgt
    It records all transactions and indicates details of the items and the customer who purchased the item
  • Free Instant Setup!  
    Our active support team will install the application to your machine without any additional cost
  • SMS integration
    Send personalized sms or reminder sms to customers containing details of their patronage & transactions
  • Financial Accounting
    Generates financial reports inform of daily, weekly, monthly, or annual financial summaries with profit and loss statements.
  • Stock/Inventory Mgt
    Helps you to know your stock level at any time and inform you on the need to re-stock when stock gets low.
  • Transaction Tracking
    Helps you track receipts, invoices and transactions with specific dates and time
  • Statistical Dashboard
    Gives you summaries of all operations at a single glance & a clear tracking reference point

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