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Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is the transmission of a live event on the internet to make it available to viewers all over the world. Getting your events across to your friends & family members in distant places or out side Nigeria is no longer a challenge since you can now share your memories while you make them and get millions of viewers to watch you on the go.

You will need to pay millions of naira to get a local TV channel for an hour or less but Trenet can help you transmit your event to the entire world of unlimited listeners for several hours or even days at the cost that is less than 10% of what the TV station will bill you.

The introduction of live streaming provides a cheaper and better way of connecting your audience in a more convinient way. From the comfort of your homes, offices or even transit, friends, fans and families can now watch your event instantly right from their computers or mobile phones and tablets.

Live Audio Streaming

We also have option for live audio streaming that make it possible for individuals to run viable internet radio stations and generate attention from every part of the world. The most exciting part of it is the fact that Trenet offers live streaming services at incredible low prices.

You can contact one of our operator to discuss your live streaming project and we will not hesitate to give you an exciting offer.

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