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Trenet Training

Technology Revolution Network offers practical based professional ICT training courses in software / application development and website development. The training programs are aimed at building the expertise required for excellence performance in today's workplace.

ICT empowerment & capacity building has enabled countless young people to build self reliance and generate lasting wealth and affluence for themselves.

Every reputable organization craves for seasoned ICT professional and never gets enough of them. The outstanding implication is the fact every ICT professional is in a position to get the dream job they desire because they possess the necessary qualification the job requires.

At Trenet we concentrate on building our student to the extent where they can compete with counterparts anywhere in the world. Trenet becomes the best choice for anyone who wants to build an ICT career in the area of website or software development.

We offer long and short term training courses depending on the nature of the course and level of desired expertise. You can call one of our customer care representatives right away to discuss your desired training course and project cost and you will be excited with our unbeatable training offer.

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